Control of Associations

Decisions concerning Web checking originate mostly using the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information as well as Communications.

Ministry of Information

The MIKE commands the Vietnam Internet Network Info Center and the leading on-line service providers. Additionally, the ministry issues most decrees involving Web use. The ministry works near together with the National Steering Committee for Communication and Information Systems, which can be headed by the chancellor.

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Ministry of Public Security

The ministry focuses on applying laws and supports that target guides deemed extreme right-winger, by recognized requirements, rather than on the technologies of network monitoring.

But, the ministry works the A ng electronic police bureau, that was started initially to combat cyber crime, including hacking and credit card scams. But this force enjoys complete power to close websites or websites that displease the government, and also to detain the authors. The vietnamese chief of the “Internal Security Bureau” in Hanoi has stated the force’s occupation is to “monitor Web articles in all kind, all publications, including press reviews, websites and commentaries.
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Web checking is freely acknowledged, but the dimension of the surveil pressure along with the details of the cyber- the methods of cops are kept secret.